They did it!

Success stories

Contrary to what many of the feedback we receive says, we are not changing lives. We are simply imagining and creating game environments that motivate and challenge ourselves.

It is you, the challengers, who have the power to change your life, thanks to your ability to take action!

Léa, alias Inëss in Goodbye Comfort Zone Heroes, joined the adventure he

Loïc, alias Lolo in the Heroes program, arrived in the adventure in

Hélène, alias challenger Eqivoq, arrived in the Heroes program some time ago.

Fanny, a.k.a. Mamzel Fanny, arrived in the Goodbye Comfort Zone adventure he

Kévin, alias Ysurius, is one of the first challengers in the Goodbye Comfort program.

Didier, alias Leo, joined the Goodbye Comfort Zone Heroes program

Sandy, alias challenger Abeille, arrived 6 months ago in

Remi, a.k.a. Peyko, joined the Goodbye Comfort Zone Heroes program

Florence, aka Flo-Newlife in the game, arrived in the adventure a few years ago.

Éric, a.k.a. Éric Aventurier Indépendant, is very involved in the

Évelyne, alias Life-fullness, started the adventure at the beginning of the year. Passionate about development

Claire, aka Soleil, joined the Goodbye Comfort Zone Heroes adventure a few years ago.

Igor, aka Gots, joined the Goodbye Comfort Zone program a few years ago.

Sarah, aka Marvellia in the game, is one of the pioneers on Goodbye...

Mathilde, or challenger Usure Pas Triste, arrived one day ago.

Vivien Willard, alias the challenger Aethic, tells us about the successive series of little

Rémi, alias Rei, shares with us his new outlook on life,

Jade, aka Naya on the other side, tells us about her challenges and

Sandra, aka Sanbo, tells us about her journey and her new quests since

Geoffrey, alias Smile, first challenger in the Goodbye Comfort Zone Heroes ranking, returns

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